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Package Description

Quasar Housing is a Real Estate Agent work system that includes a lot of content, home creation, interior and exterior decoration and much more.

This system is compatible with MLO and Shells.

Quasar Garages, is a complete system of Garages, where you will have multiple functions, such as Job Garages or even Housing Garages.

This package includes both packages, but you must do the installation yourself, as this is only a discounted package.

Find the detailed information of each package in their respective descriptions.
Quasar Housing
Quasar Garages

By purchasing this package, you will have access to a list of DLC that will add improvements to this resource, you can find it under the "Resources" button on this same web page.

Housing Features

  • Work system for Real Estate, with a work menu to create houses, garages or even eliminate existing houses.
  • Make your players collect commissions for homes sold.
  • House creation system compatible with Shells and MLO, in case of using Shells you can choose the height of its creation.
  • In case of using MLO you will have access to a new Doorlock system to be able to close the doors of the maps.
  • Invite your friends, share apartments with them or even sell them your house, the system is huge for your players.
  • Police robbery and raid systems, where they can access the Stash of your houses.
  • Super configurable, you can add your own Shells and even your own Garage system if it has the necessary events.
  • Compatibility with Quasar Smartphone and Quasar Garages.
  • It does not require paid dependencies, that is, it only requires free dependencies.

Garages Features

  • Garage with a unique and minimalist style.
  • Possibility of having multiple tabs with vehicles.
  • You can create work garages!
  • Automatic compatibility with Quasar Housing.
  • Change the color of your menu from the settings.

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